Don't fit into your dress, let the dress fit in you.

Get your clothes altered at right in front of your doorstep.

  • What is Alteration ?

    Alteration is a user friendly app, which lets you alter your clothes in very few steps and reaches directly at your door.

  • Why Alteration ?

    Nowadays in busy life schedule, you barely have time to go to a tailor shop and give clothes for alteration and again difficult to find time to pick them up. We save that time and provide doorstep service at a very reasonable price.

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  • Home Screen

    We have list of clothes on home screen, for which we are providing alteration service. In future we may increase this list to alter more and more types of clothes with the new version releases of app.

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  • Category Of Clothes

    There are 3 components on home screen. So this is the 1st one, the list of clothes and by clicking on it you can go to their detail screen.

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  • Total Amount

    This section, 2nd component of home screen shows the total amount for your selected clothes to request. After successful delivery you need to pay this total amount.

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  • Pickup Request

    After done with your stuff simply click on this request button. A dialog will pop up describing each item selected by you & in last also show total amount.

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  • Detail Screen

    After clicking on clothes category, detail screen will appear. In this screen you will get to know that which alter area is possible and which one is not. You will also find the price tag over right corner on each item.

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  • Quantity

    This dialog appears when you click on any item on detail screen. Here you can select quantity for that particular alter area.

    e.g. If you want to replace chain in 2 pants then you can select 2 and click on add button.

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  • Your Details

    This is the screen where you will provide us your detail including name, email, phone number and address.

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  • Address

    On the detail screen after clicking on address this screen will appear. Either you can select your current location (Recommended) or you can select your desired meet up place.

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  • That's it!

    This screen means we have successfully received your pickup request. We will also contact you before reaching at you destination to know that you are available or not.

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  • Other Features

    There are some other features too. You can check them out by clicking on tiny down arrow below request button.

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  • Feedback

    We love feedbacks. Because they really improve us. If you want to give us any feedback about app, feel free to do that.

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  • FAQs

    The answers of frequently asked questions will help you to clear your doubts.

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  • Sundays

    We pick up or deliver clothes on sundays, because of availability of whole family.

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  • Cash On Delivery

    100% money you have to pay at the time of delivery. No need to give in advance.

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  • Only in Jaipur

    Currently we are giving our service only in jaipur. So if you are in jaipur, feel lucky to have india's first a-class quality alteration app.
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